About our Silver and Gold

Sterling Silver 

We only use recycled or ethically sourced, 925 sterling silver suitable for sensitive skin (nickel free conform the nickel directive BS EN 1811:2011)

As pure silver is too soft to be used for jewelry, an alloy (other metals) must be added. The number 925 indicates that 925 parts out of 1000 are pure silver.

925 Sterling silver is solid silver. It does not rust and will last a lifetime and beyond.
When your silver jewelry slowly darkens over time, it a sign that it is made of real silver. Learn more about tarnishing & how to care for your jewelry here.


Argentium Silver 

We are excited to offer some of our popular styles in Argentium Silver!

Argentium Silver is a superior alternative to Sterling Silver with unique properties that set it apart from traditional Sterling Silver.

It is purer than standard Sterling which means it is tarnish-resistant and is even brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium, and traditional Sterling Silver.

Moreover, Argentium Silver possesses antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitivities to traditional Sterling Silver.

Maintaining Argentium Silver's beautiful bright colour is effortless, as it is highly tarnish resistant, easy to care for, and simple to keep clean.

While not recycled, Argentium is responsibly made from ethically sourced silver



All our gold jewelry is available in recycled or ethically sourced 14k gold filled metal.

Gold-filled jewelry is long lasting, much higher quality than gold-plated, hypoallergenic and an affordable alternative to solid gold.


Gold filled explained

Gold filled jewelry, unlike gold plated or gold vermeil, is made of a thick layer of genuine 14 karat gold securely bonded to a brass core using pressure and high heat.

Gold filled is not gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery!

This unique process not only ensures longevity but also renders gold filled jewelry hypoallergenic, making it a safer choice for those with sensitive skin.

The gold layer in gold plated or vermeil jewelry, on the other hand, is usually only between 0.25 microns and 2.5 microns thick and will soon peel and flake off, even with the heaviest plating of 5 microns, which is only 0.005 of a millimeter.

Gold filled jewelry contains over 100 times more gold than gold plated or vermeil jewelry, and by law, the gold layer must make up at least 5% or 1/20 of the total weight.

Furthermore, the process of creating gold fill metals does not require the use of chemicals like gold plating does.

Therefore, gold fill is not only higher quality and longer-lasting but also a lot kinder to the environment than gold plated or gold vermeil.

Learn about how to take care of your jewelry here.  


Solid 18 karat Recycled Gold 

We are excited to offer the option to order popular styles in solid 18 karat, recycled gold! Recycled gold is equal in value and purity to newly mined gold, even after multiple recycling cycles it never looses it's value, making it a long-lasting and sustainable choice.

By recycling existing products, the need for new gold is reduced, minimizing environmental damage caused by mining.

In addition to the environmental benefits, solid gold jewelry offers a range of advantages for the wearer.

It is highly tarnish-resistant, maintaining its brilliance and shine with minimal effort. Solid gold jewelry is also low maintenance, requiring only basic cleaning to retain its beauty.

Moreover, investing in solid gold jewelry is a wise choice, as it is considered an investment piece that tends to increase in value over time.

It is a timeless and enduring material that lasts forever without degrading or losing its value, ensuring that your solid gold jewelry will remain a cherished and valuable possession for generations to come.