Repurposed Gemstones & Pearls

The only truly ethical & sustainable option



Buying conventionally sourced gemstones means supporting an industry that poisons and completely destroys ecosystem and exploits people to the point of slavery.

That is why all of our gemstones have been extracted and repurposed from pre-loved jewelry.

It is not only the most sustainable option by far, but also one that honours the treasures already gifted to us by mother earth.


By using and re-using what is already in circulation we are moving towards a truly circular economy.


It also means that we are drastically minimising carbon emissions, and are able to bypass the negative environmental and social issues associated with the gemstone industry.






Pearls are often believed to be inherently eco-friendly due to their association with clean water and thriving ecosystems, the reality of pearl farming's ecological impact, is a different one. 


Supporting the conventional pearl industry means endorsing practices that harm ecosystems, exploit workers, and disrupt delicate marine environments.

That's why every pearl we use has been carefully sourced and repurposed from pre-loved jewelry.

Not only is this the most sustainable choice, but it also pays homage to the natural treasures bestowed upon us by the oceans.

By embracing existing resources, we're actively contributing to a circular economy, 

If our practice is something that resonates with you and you’d like to contribute with your pre-loved jewelry, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.