Sustainable, recycled and ethically sourced gold and silver


Ethical sourcing is a key part of our jewelry making process. Beautiful jewelry should not only look good but also have a clean and transparent backstory. When it comes to metals, there are two sustainable options: Ethical/fair-mined and recycled.


Recycled precious metals have a much lower carbon footprint and a much lower impact on the environment. 

Currently the vast majority of our gold&silver is recycled.

The remaining, much smaller percentage consists of ethically sourced metals.

Conventionally mined precious metals is something we never even considered using. It exploits miners and is a toxic process that poisons people and destroys entire ecosystems due to the chemicals used (like mercury).


Ethically mined gold and silver on the other hand empowers responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations, and has a positive social and environmental impact.

Because the demand for precious metals only keeps on growing, it will always be worth somebody's effort to dig it out of the ground.

Buying ethically mined metals has the power to transform the mining and jewelry industry in a way that improves the lives of the people involved and protects the environment.




For all our silver jewelry we use nickelfree, 100% solid 925 sterling silver or ethically sourced Argentium Silver

Read more about our sutainably sourced silver here 

All our gold jewelry is made using 18k solid gold or hypoallergen 14k gold filled metal, which is a lot better for the environment and for you than gold plated and still costs only a fraction of solid gold. Read more about our sustainably sourced gold here


You now have the option to order some of our designs in argentium silver or 18 karat, recycled, solid gold.


Our supplier is a member of the sustainable jewelry council and has been accredited with both the RJC Code of Practices Standard (COP): ethical, social, human rights & environmental practices, aswell as the RJC Chain of Custody Standard (CoC): fully traceable & responsibly sourced practices



You can read about our gemstones here, and our jewelry making practices here.
If you’d like to know more or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to talk about these topics we are so passionate about.