Celebrating Sustainability and Inspiring Change

We are thrilled to announce that Rays&Riches, our sustainable jewelry brand, has been recognized by multiple websites that share our values of sustainability and ethics.

These recognitions are a testament to our dedication to sustainable and ethical practices, and it motivates us to continue making a positive difference in the world. As we move forward, we hope to inspire others to make sustainable choices and contribute to a better future.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and organizations towards creating a more sustainable and just world. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a brighter future!

Sustainably Kind Living


Sustainably Kind Living (SKL) is a website founded by Danielle Alvarado that provides a safe, judgement-free, and educational space for individuals to explore non-toxic, sustainable, low-waste, and ethical living. The website is dedicated to helping the community thrive by offering helpful, educational, unbiased, and well-researched articles.

The team at SKL is composed of individuals from all over the world, including mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, researchers, writers, editors, artists, and creators. They are committed to supporting the community in navigating the challenges of greenwashing, toxic marketing schemes, and judgement/shame.

Their goals are simple yet powerful: to empower the community to delve deeper, ask challenging questions, and become comfortable with discomfort.

Check out what they have to say about Rays&Riches.



Ecothes.com is a website that aims to assist eco-conscious and ethical shoppers in making informed decisions about the brands they support.

The website was founded by individuals who were frustrated by the difficulty of distinguishing between sustainable brands that genuinely lived up to their claims and those that were merely greenwashing.

Ecothes.com recognizes the fashion industry's notorious wastefulness and believes that it is incumbent upon individuals to make a difference by either reducing consumption or supporting companies with sustainable and ethical practices.

Today, Ecothes.com is dedicated to providing a platform that enables people worldwide to shop from brands that align with their values of sustainability and green-living.

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Good Maker Tales

Goodmakertales.com is a website that aims to inspire and motivate readers by sharing stories of individuals who are doing their part to create a better world.
From eco-friendly initiatives to social entrepreneurship, the website covers a wide range of topics that are all focused on making the world a better place.
With its engaging content and beautiful design, Good Maker Tales is a must-visit website for anyone who is passionate about sustainability, social responsibility, and making a difference.

Goodmakertales founder Julie believes that all steps towards sustainability should be celebrated and that by discussing and commending eco-friendly efforts, brands will be motivated to continue and inspire others as well.

Julie personally embraces her values by purchasing second-hand clothing, altering her existing clothes, and exploring ethical brands.

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