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Spiral Threader Earrings with Red Coral

Spiral Threader Earrings with Red Coral

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Handmade In Italy Sustainable Materials Waterproof & Skin-Safe

Originally designed for my dear friend Iku. These dainty earrings turned out so beautifully we just had to make them available for you too. 

Iku requested small earrings that she could wear all day, every day. She now doesn’t even take them off for her yoga practice.

These threader earrings are inspired by the beauty of the forest. After a summer rain had cleared the air, millions of raindrops everywhere glistened in the sun like tiny crystals.

Can you recognise the curling of ferns, the shape of the leaves and the raindrops dangling from a spiders silky thread?


Like with all our coral jewelry, there is only a limited quantity of these earrings in stock and they will never restock!
We will never buy new coral and we don’t expect to ever find pre-loved, real red coral ever again.
Do not miss your chance on maybe the only truly sustainable red coral earrings on the planet!

This coral is most likely Coralliums, the original and most precious type of coral with colours ranging from dark orange to dark red and a smooth appearance with barely any ‘imperfections’.

Would you like us to make some changes to the original design? Contact us if you would like some custom made earrings!


These delicate earrings measure about 2.5cm long (1 inch)

Gemstone: repurposed red coral from an italian vintage necklace.

Crafted from spools of recycled 14k gold fill.
Gold-filled jewelry is superior to gold plated jewelry both in quality and durability, and allows you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of solid gold at a fraction of the price.

The gemstones for these earrings have been repurposed, making it the most eco-conscious choice for gemstone jewelry.

Care Guide What Is Gold Filled? View full details


Unique designs inspired by nature. Bold, delicate, elegant, modern, feminine. Made for conscious women who are not afraid to be themselves.

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