What Is Sustainable Jewellery? Ask These Questions Before You Buy


When you know about the interconnectedness of all life, you recognize that every choice ripples outward, affecting the world around us and ultimately returning to ourselves and our loved ones.

This awareness guides us to live consciously and make informed decisions, including when it comes to buying jewelry.

Beware of Greenwashing

Clever marketing campaigns are often misleading, painting realities that are far rosier than the truth. This makes it difficult to discern if the jewelry really aligns with your values.

But by asking the right questions, we can move beyond the marketing and figure out if that piece of jewelry truly fits your definition of sustainable.

What defines sustainable jewelry? What makes it different?

To answer this question – and it applies to any product you consider buying – we need to consider the entire process of the product, from raw material extraction to final assembly.

Only when we can trace the journey back to its source we can be sure of responsible practices throughout the entire supply chain and along every step of the way.


Start by asking these questions:


What materials are used to create this product?
Where do these materials originate?  
How were they sourced? By whom?  
How are the workers treated throughout the process?  
What impact does the sourcing process have on the environment?

 Raw materials need to be processed;


What methods were used to process the raw materials? What impact does that have on the environment? Are the working conditions of those involved fair and ethical?


Consider the number of steps involved in bringing the finished product to life. We need to be able to answer these type of questions for every step of the process.

A Sign of Responsible Practices: Transparency

Ideally, responsible brands readily answer these questions on their websites, empowering you to make informed decisions. If a brand seems hesitant or unwilling to provide clear answers, it might be a sign that their practices don't align with your values. Ultimately, you decide how much transparency and sustainability matter in your jewelry purchases.

A Key Material; Gold

For jewelry, one of the most critical raw materials is undoubtedly gold.

If you'd like to delve deeper into the world of sustainable gold and discover options that resonate with your values, continue reading here. (coming soon!)

In the meantime check out our post on whether pearls are really sustainable

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