What is tarnishing



Tarnish is not rust or corrosion, it is simply a thin coating that forms on the surface of the metal and darkens it.

The more residue, pollution, chemical, humidity or salt in the air or on your skin, the quicker your jewelry will tarnish (dull down).

Will my jewelry tarnish? 

Only 100% pure silver or gold won’t tarnish. But unfortunately pure silver and gold is too soft to be used for jewelry. Therefore all silver & gold jewelry will tarnish over time. 

The good news is that tarnish is easy to remove and proper care can slow down the process of tarnishing significantly!


-For 925 sterling silver it is usually sufficient to give it a quick polish every few months.

-Gold fill is a lot more resistant to tarnish but still benefits from regular cleaning and occasional polishing.


With the special anti tarnish polishing cloth that comes with your Rays&Riches jewelry it is even easier to restore your jewelry to its original shine.

You can use it over and over again, just remember to not wash it so it doesn’t loose its anti-tarnish agent.

…Green finger

When your skin turns green from wearing jewelry, it is not an allergic reaction or a rash!

It is simply the copper, which is present in each of the metals, that reacts to the acids in your skin. It is basically the tarnish rubbing off unto your skin.

This does not happens for everybody tho, it depends greatly on your individual skin composition, humidity and on the amount of copper present in the metal.

Since 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold fill contain only very small amounts of copper it is very, very unlikely for your skin to turn green from wearing it.

All our Silver and our Gold filled jewelry is nickel free and safe for sensitive skin.