Gold Filled Jewelry Made in Italy- Sustainable & Elegant

What is gold filled jewelry?

Gold filled is not gold plated!

Gold fill is a whole different category that surpasses gold-plated alternatives in all aspects.

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Doing things differently

We make jewelry for those who know that all life is deeply interconnected. For those who value honesty and authenticity. And for those looking for unique jewelry to express their individuality. 

Everything we do is inspired by our love for this life, for all people and for Mother Earth.

Our Values

No piercing ear cuffs

The easiest way to upgrade your look. Take your style to the next level without the commitment and the pain of a real piercing.

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Behind the scenes

  • Inspired by nature

    Rays&Riches jewelry draws inspiration from the shapes and rhythms of nature, capturing the beauty and equilibrium of the natural world.

    Our values 
  • Handmade with love

    Each piece bares the imprint of human hands, crafted with love and care, ensuring a personal touch that makes every creation unique.

    Our practices 
  • Who we are

    A one woman-team, who believes that true success can only be achieved if everyone involved benefits. Including our precious planet.

    Meet the maker