Handmade with love

I believe that the love I put into making your jewelry can not only be seen in the finished piece but is also reflected in the energy it carries.

That's why every piece is made by hand with the same attention, love and care as if making it for a loved one. 

In fact it's not only the creative process of making jewelry that brings me so much joy but also -and very much so- the thought of you wearing your Rays&Riches jewelry, feeling confident and beautiful.


I make every single piece of jewelry to order.

That means I get started on making your jewelry just for you and only after you place your order.

Therefore there is no over-production, literally zero waste and I can make custom alterations to the original design if you wish.

It also means I can guarantee that no workers have been exploited and no chemicals have been used to make Rays&Riches jewelry!