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Can you custom make me a piece?

Absolutely, yes! We love to do custom orders. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll see if we can make it. Just send us a message.


Can I wear my jewelry in water?

Gold fill is waterproof. Most gemstones are waterproof too, except for coral and pearls. We don't recommend you to wear your jewelry in a pool or saltwater as the chemicals and salt may damage it, but fresh water is fine for jewelry that does not feature pearls or coral. Remember to dry it properly afterwards to avoid tarnishing.


How do I care for my jewelry?

You've invested in a quality piece of craftsmanship which requires regular care and attention. Here is a link to our care guide outlining proper methods to maintain your jewelry.


Help, my Jewellery is tarnishing!

Don‘t worry, even with proper care it can happen sometimes. The oils in our skin can cause a reaction. It can even be affected by what we've eaten that day, by chemicals or lotions that may have come into contact with it, or sweat from your recent workout! Discoloration can easily be removed with a soft polishing cloth. You can read more about tarnishing here, and about caring for your jewelry here. If the polishing cloth doesn’t do the trick, please contact us.


Are your stones real?

All our gemstones are repurposed. We test all our gemstones for their authenticity and whether they have been dyed or treated otherwise. We only sell gemstones we are 100% certain are genuine, real stones. If we suspect that they might have been treated, we will always mention it in the description.


What makes Rays&Riches jewelry responsible?

Everything we do is founded in our love and respect for mother earth and all people. For that reason, there are two things we will never compromise on; sustainability and ethical practices. You can learn more about our values here and our metals and why we chose to use repurposed gemstones here.


What type of metal is used in Rays&Riches jewelry?

 Our jewelry uses 100% 14 karat gold fill. You can learn more about it here.


Is recycled gold as good as newly mined?

Yes, precious metals are circular materials. That means that they can be infinitely recycled without losing their structural integrity and value. It generates 98% less emissions than mined metals.


Where do you get your gemstones from?

Currently all our gemstones have been repurposed from pre-loved jewelry. We get them directly from people like you who want to give their jewelry a chance to be worn& loved again, instead of letting it catch dust in the back of their drawer. If you’d like to contribute towards our efforts of creating truly circular jewelry, contact us any time. 



My jewelry is a little off on the sizing, what's up?

All Rays&Riches jewelry is handmade so all of our sizings are approximate. We try to measure our pieces as precisely as we can, but they may vary up to 1/4 of a ring size. Your ring size also changes depending on your body‘s condition. Find our ring size guide here.



My jewelry doesn't look exactly like the photo.

All pieces are made by hand, that means that slight variations may occur.

Many of our stones have natural texture, inclusions or coloring that can differ from stone to stone.

We do our best to match gemstones, but sometimes it's impossible due to the unique nature of each piece.

Your screen and colour settings also play a role in how colours are displayed.

You're always welcome to request we send you photos of your jewelry before it ships for you to approve.


I lost one of my earrings.

If it was a limited edition piece unfortunately we won’t be able to replace it. For all others we're happy to provide you with a replacement single earring. Usually a single earring is 50% of the cost of the pair. Send us a message to begin the process.


What happens if my piece breaks? 

Don't worry, we're here to help! We want you to be able to continue to wear your jewelry! Just send us your broken item. We do basic repairs for free within the first year of purchase. After one year, there's a small fee. Please send us a message.