Sustainability, Transparency and Ethical Practices 

When you know about the interconnectedness of all life you understand that nothing truly beautiful can be created when it comes at the cost of other people or the environment.

That's why we set out to create seriously stunning jewelry that you can wear with confidence and pride.

It begins with the most sustainable and ethically sourced gemstones out there, includes recycled and ethically sourced gold filled metals, sustainable packaging, and does not end with how your jewelry is being made.

Italian Design Inspired By Nature

Born out of love for Mother Earth and all women, every piece of our collection is made to inspire self love, courage and confidence.

They are the perfect gift for modern women like you, who live consciously and value individuality.

Our design are inspired by the organic shapes and movements found in nature; spirals, arches, circles and lines; expanding, contracting, undulating, winding, swaying, dancing.

We don’t strive for the kind of perfection achieved by machines, but rather for the harmony and balance found in nature.

We believe that it is the human touch -with all its imperfections- that breathes life into each piece.

We want you to know exactly how your jewelry is being made and its impact on the people and ecosystems of this beautiful planet.

Only then can you can shop with confidence and wear your jewelry with pride. 

We encourage you to browse our site and if you still have questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to share everything from our material sourcing to behind-the-scenes-footage.