Find your ring size

Our rings cover a wide range of sizes, from 'A' for the smallest to 'Z+’2 for the largest.

If you don’t know your ring size or need help converting our ring sizes, follow this link.

If you require a size outside of our available range, please contact us. All our rings are made to order in-house, meaning we can always meet your specific size requirements.

The best way to find your ringsize is to a go to a local jeweler and getting sized in person. Alternatively there are a few different ways to find your ringsize explained below.

Option 1: Measure an existing ring

Place your ring in a ruler or measuring tape. Write down the inside diameter in mm. Use our ring size chart to find your size. 

Rings with a wide band usually have to be 1/4 or 1/2 size bigger than thin rings to fit you. Keep this in mind when choosing a ring to measure.

Alternatively you can use our printable ring size template (printer needed)

Option 2: Measure your finger

Things to keep in mind when measuring


-Fingers are thinner in the morning than the evening as they tend to swell during the day. 

-The cold can shrink your fingers.

-Alcohol and salty foods can make your fingers swell. 

-Do not use a string as they tend to stretch which will skewer your measuring result!

-Measure 3-4 times to make sure you got an accurate result.

-If you have big knuckles you may have to go up 1/2 size.

Cut a thin strip of paper.

A thinner strip will give a more accurate result.

Wrap it around your finger.

Too loose!

Make sure it is tight enough.

Perfect! It should fit as snug as a ring would.

Mark the place where the ends overlap.

Lay it flat and use a ruler to measure the length of the paper. Use the mm side.

Make sure you measure the part that was wrapped around your finger ;)

You now have your rings circumference in mm. Use our ring size chart to find your ringsize.

We guarantee to make the size that is ordered, but we cannot be responsible for conversions or fit.

Option 3

If you know your ring size, but it is a US/Europe/Japan… size, you can use this size converter.
Unfortunately ring sizes across the world are not standardised therefore we recommend you additionally measure your rings diameter.