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Beaded Ear Climbers

Beaded Ear Climbers

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There's more to these beaded ear climbers than what meets the eye. Like our other beaded jewelry designs, these modern ear ear climbers draw inspiration from the cosmos as they capture the celestial wonders of the infinite numbers of stars and planets.

Our beaded ear climbers—a harmonious fusion of cosmic inspiration and contemporary elegance—may appear simple, yet they exude an air of sophistication, modernity, and delicate charm.

Designed with a subtly curved form that beautifully follows the contours of your ear, these ear climbers lightweight and so comfortable to wear, you may even forget you're wearing them -until the compliments start pouring in.

This simplicity and comfort make them incredibly versatile, allowing you to effortlessly pair them with any outfit and integrate them into your earring-stack.

As you wear them, let the beads remind you of the grandeur of this universe, to which you are an integral part.

Elevate your style effortlessly, whether it's your everyday look or a special occasion, with ear climbers that are a true reflection of your unique style and an ode to the wonders of the cosmos. Pair them with our other celestial-inspired jewelry pieces to complete your cosmic ensemble.


The biggest bead measures 4mm, the smallest 2mm.
Total length about 2cm.

Crafted from resilient gold fill that surpasses gold-plated alternatives in both durability and enduring beauty.

All materials are sustainable & ethically sourced from our RJC (responsible Jewellery Council) certified suppliers, some elements are also recycled.

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Can only recommend,

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Unique designs inspired by nature. Bold, delicate, elegant, modern, feminine. Made for conscious women who are not afraid to be themselves.

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