Sustainable Metals, Gemstones & Pearls

At Rays & Riches, we're on a mission to create stunning and profoundly sustainable jewelry, rooted in our respect for all life and a profound understanding of its interconnectedness.

Our gemstones, sourced ethically from repurposed jewelry, embody this commitment. By reusing existing gems, we contribute to a circular economy, reducing carbon emissions and sidestepping the negative impacts of conventional gemstone mining.

Emphasizing our commitment, even our pearls are repurposed, as conventionally farmed pearls significantly fall short of being truly sustainable.

Our dedication extends to the precious metals we use by offering two sustainable options: recycled metals with a lower environmental impact and ethically sourced metals supporting responsible, mining.

With every piece we create, we aim to showcase the beauty of sustainable jewelry, a reflection of our love for the Earth and our belief in the importance of ethical, responsible practices.